The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Salt Lake City removes dust, dirt, and other debris from your home’s ductwork. This helps reduce allergy symptoms, reduce airborne bacteria and other pollutants, and improve indoor air quality.

The duct cleaning process involves pre-inspection, duct cleaning, and a final walk-through inspection.

air duct cleaning

Allergies are a major problem for many people. They can cause a wide range of symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itching, and hives. Allergens can come from a number of sources, including pollen, mold, animal dander, and other particles found in the air. Air duct cleaning can help reduce allergy symptoms by removing these allergens from the air in your home.

The dust that builds up in your ducts is a breeding ground for a variety of organisms, such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. When they are blown around by the forced air from your heating and cooling system, they can be spread throughout the house. This can exacerbate existing allergies, or trigger new ones. Cleaning your air ducts can help reduce the amount of dust in the house, which can also decrease allergic reactions.

In addition to reducing mold and bacteria, air duct cleaning can reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are a group of chemicals that are released into the air from solids and liquids, such as paints, lacquers, cleaners, pesticides, office supplies, and furniture. The gases produced by these substances are a major source of indoor pollution. Air duct cleaning can help eliminate VOCs from the air in your home, which can provide relief from allergies and other health problems.

Pollen can trigger allergies in many people, especially those who have seasonal allergies. It can also enter homes through open windows and doors and get stuck on clothing and shoes. When the weather is warm, pollen can start to grow and accumulate inside your home. Keeping your windows and doors closed can keep pollen out, but it can also make allergies worse.

Allergies can be caused by a number of things, including pet dander and dust mites. These allergens can be brought into the home by open windows and doors, on clothing and shoes, or on pets. They can then settle on surfaces and become airborne when blown by the furnace or the air conditioner. When the contaminated air is circulated, it can cause allergy symptoms such as sneezing and coughing.

Dust can contain harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. It can also be a major allergy and asthma trigger. Air duct cleaning helps reduce the amount of dust in your home by eliminating a major source of it. The particles of dust that your furnace filter doesn’t catch accumulate on the walls of your ductwork. Then, they get blown around your house and land on surfaces, including tables, smart phones, children’s toys and more. This dust can cause your furnace filters to clog more quickly. In addition, a lot of the dust that builds up on your vents can contain mold and mildew spores, which are also respiratory triggers.

Duct cleaning gets rid of these toxins, which can improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergens in the home. It is also helpful for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Some duct cleaners may recommend applying biocides or chemical treatments to the inside of your ductwork and other components of the system. It is important to consider the pros and cons of these practices before allowing them to be used in your home.

Other valid reasons to have your ductwork cleaned include rodent infestation or construction and remodeling debris. These materials often contain OSHA-regulated toxins and carcinogens, which can contaminate the air that circulates in your home.

You might also want your ducts cleaned if you recently moved into a new house or completed a renovation project, such as a kitchen remodel. The dust from these projects can build up in your ducts and make it hard for your filter to keep up with the dust.

Having your ducts cleaned removes the excess dust and other pollutants in the system, which can help your filters last longer. This can save money in the long run, and it makes your home cleaner and healthier. While it won’t take the place of sweeping and mopping, it does help you get more value from your home.

If foul odors infiltrate your home, a professional duct cleaning may be just what you need to restore the freshness of your house. Many unpleasant smells are caused by a build-up of dust, dirt and other debris over time in air ducts. These odors are then circulated throughout your house each time the heating and cooling system operates.

The smell of cigarette smoke, household cleaners, pet dander and fur, mold spores, mildew, food preparation and other substances can all be disseminated to every room in the house each time the HVAC system is turned on. If members of your family have asthma or other respiratory conditions, these odors can aggravate their symptoms.

Dirty ducts can also harbor insects, rodents and other pests. These critters can make themselves quite comfortable in a dark, warm place, such as a clogged vent. If you’ve noticed a musty, rancid or stale odor in your home, it could be caused by a pest infestation in your air ducts that requires a thorough and professional cleaning.

If you notice the odor of rotting food, it could be because a mouse or other small animal crawled into the vents to stay warm in cold weather and died inside. In this case, it’s best to call a professional to locate and remove the dead animal, as well as thoroughly clean and sterilize the area so that the odor is completely eliminated.

An unpleasant odor in the home can also indicate that there is an overabundance of bacteria. Bacteria can produce a musty, repugnant odor and negatively affect your health. A professional duct cleaning will use an antibacterial solution to eradicate the bacteria, leaving your living environment fresher and healthier.

Stale or musty odors aren’t just unpleasant to live with, but they can also negatively impact the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. A dirty air duct system will strain your system, increasing energy costs and possibly damaging it. This is why it’s important to have your air ducts cleaned 

Duct cleaning removes many allergens and contaminants from your home’s ventilation system. However, it doesn’t permanently improve air flow or rebalance ductwork, nor does it eliminate mold or prevent future growth, and it may actually cause damage, depending on the type of ductwork in your home. Only a certified HVAC specialist should clean your ductwork. The best way to reduce damage caused by duct cleaning is to choose a reputable company that follows the National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s standard cleaning methods. These procedures require that all registers and filters be removed, and that the technician vacuum a minimum of 400 square feet of ductwork every hour. A reputable company will also instruct homeowners on how to maintain their ductwork to prevent future problems.

Most duct cleaners will require access to the air handler and plenums located next to your furnace in your attic, basement, or garage. Clear a path to these areas by moving any furniture, toys, or other objects that are in the way. Be sure to show the duct cleaner your home and point out all vents so they can locate them. Also, make sure you can show them the evaporator coils and air handler, as they will need to be accessible for inspection and cleaning.

You should not allow any duct cleaner to use sprayed sealants or biocides inside your home’s ventilation system, since these chemicals can be harmful to human health. In addition, sprayed chemicals can cling to the inside of vent walls and become dislodged over time, and they may enter your living space as they blow.

If you suspect that your ductwork needs cleaning, consider whether anyone in your household has indoor allergies or unexplained illnesses. The presence of visible mold or a musty odor are other signs that it’s time to call for an inspection and cleaning.

Duct cleaning removes a lot of the dust that accumulates on your vent walls and then blows into your living space, so it makes sense for most households to schedule an appointment. However, be cautious about letting your duct cleaners promote air duct cleaning as a cure for allergies or respiratory problems. There is no evidence that it will help these conditions, and in fact, excessive dust and contaminants can trigger symptoms in sensitive people.